Joint Academy

Joint Academy is the world leader in digital therapeutics for osteoarthritis, based in Malmö, Sweden.  Joint Academy  has the world's largest osteoarthritis database, evidence based curriculum, the world leading domain expertise and the latest technology. Over 40'000 people have completed the program, with 85% having experienced reduced pain within only 6 weeks.

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Current Investments

Our currently active investments


Nordgröna has created  a sound absorbing  panel, made from Raindeer moss from the north of Scandinavia, which is 100% natural, handpicked and made in Sweden. It is also air purifying, environmentally friendly, natural humidity indicator, hyperaallergenic, maintenance free and fire resistant.  Each panel type comes in different shapes, sizes and colors.   

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Touchize has created a revolutionary technology that will touchily mobile commerce. Touchize has  leveraged all the benefits of the touchscreen and developed our drag & drop interface to touch-enable any existing e-commerce solution. With a better touchscreen shopping experience that is more tactile and visual, your products are easier to find and easier to buy.

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Sailogy Group

Sailogy Group aims to make sailing holidays accessible to everyone. Through our portfolio of platforms, all customers can rent a boat with comfort and safety. These platforms are: Sailogy, Master Yachting, Antlos and Sailogy Premier. 
Customers all over the world can choose from a wide selection of sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans and gulets all rentable with or without experienced skippers and hostesses.
Sailogy Group is chosen as preferred distribution partner by professional charter companies around the World.

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