Early Stage Investments, Scandinavian Focus,

Wide Industry Knowledge & Long Time Horizon

Our Strategy

Early Stage Investment


Our handfull investments are chosen carefully after thorough analysis by, based on several factors, such as innovation & future growth potential.

Scandinavian Focus

The Scandinavian market is our main focuspoint, as our knoweldge has developed through generations of entrepreneurs in Sweden.

Wide Industry Knowledge

We have experience in a broad range of industries: Cosmetics, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, E-commerce, IT & Software development

Long Time Horizon

We follow our investments carefully, assist with strategic planning over time with a horizon of 5 to 10 years.

Early Stage Investment

Our investments are chosen carefully, with only a handfull investments active at the same time. These companies present a combination of innovation, feasability, proof of concept and future growth potential. We strongly believe in our investments and we believe in committing additional capital over time, as the company grows and achieves its milestones.

Scandinavian Focus


The Scandinavian market has proven to be one of the most successfull markets over the last century, with many impressive global companies created during the 20th century. We believe this will continue, and that the Scandinavian countries will remain a leading market of innovation and development.

Our Industry Knowledge


Cosmetics & Perfumes

Travel & Tourism

Real Estate

Information Technology


Software Development

Long Time Horizon

We follow our handful of investments carefully over time. We believe that investments are long-term and we want our journeys to continue for a long period of time. We do not believe in short term sentiment, instead we believe in creating and generating value as the main driver for business success.